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Green Ticket Bakery


  • Green Ticket Bakery Edibles California
  • Green Ticket Bakery Edibles California
  • Green Ticket Bakery Edibles CaliforniaGreen Ticket Bakery Edibles California
  • Green Ticket Bakery Edibles California

Green Ticket Bakery
Medicated Edibles

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About Green Ticket Bakery

We are in pursuit of the perfect edible, JOIN US to experience the highest quality medicinal baked goods available today. These one of a kind delicacies are available in a collective or from a delivery service near you.

Often I’m asked why I started Green Ticket Bakery. Why edibles? Green Ticket was created to satisfy my love of cooking and my desire to help others. While recovering from a motor vehicle accident I discovered that my body had such a strong reaction to the THC in cannabutter that I would be left with other undesirable side effects. With that, Green Ticket Bakery was born. I made a conscious decision not to use cannabutter and came up with my own extraction method using cold water hash . The difference in taste was incredible. All the hash used in our baking is produced just for us in the famed regions of Humboldt and Mendocino counties. The taste and effects, we are able to produce, are simply amazing. Our products are designed for the Patients with young children at home, the chemo patient simply looking for some relief, wheelchair bound patients, HIV patients, diabetics, Migraine sufferers, you are the reason that everyday we strive to produce the safest, most delicious edibles for the patient that can’t always inhale their medicine.

I invite you to give us a try. We are different, different in our taste, our philosophy and our standards. We are dedicated to providing you the relief that you seek in a tasty, healthy new way, all available fresh from the oven and available from a collective or delivery service near you.





Types of Edibles: Medicated Gourmet Edibles

Dispensary Locations: California

Edibles Made of: Various Extract Methods

Strain Used: Available in Hybrid

Edibles Made With: Concentrate

Tests for Potency: Yes - Tests for Potency

Measurement if Applicable: Various Dosages Available


Vegan or Vegetarian: Yes - Available

Nutritional Facts Available: Yes

Certified Kitchen: Yes - Edibles Are Made in a Certified Kitchen

Price: $$

Good For:
Pain, Anxiety, Stress, Discrete Medicating



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